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If you have a medical blog or newsletter for your practice, you’ll know just how difficult it is to get your doctors to regularly contribute high-quality medical articles for them. Many medical practices start health blogs and journals with passion, only to stop publishing posts due to lack of writing time.

Online medical content that is regular and original, can do wonders for the online marketing strategy of any medical practice, whether a dental clinic, ENT clinic, skin clinic, general practitioner or health centre. Such medical articles work as a powerful marketing tool that attracts new patients and promotes patient loyalty, while developing firm credentials as a medical expert.

Types Of Medical Content

While medical articles written for science journals and research magazines usually have complex medical terminology; articles for blogs and newspapers are written in easy-to-understand English, as they are meant for general audiences. Our professional medical writers are highly experienced in writing a variety of health and medicine-related content, including the ones mentioned above.

Here are three common types of online medical writing done by our medical writers:

  • Medical Newsletters: Such newsletters are a great way to keep your regular clients informed about developments at your medical practice, notify them about special offers, and provide health tips.

  • Articles for Directory Submissions: These medical articles can be a rich source of traffic for a long time, as article directories usually allow others to re-use articles, while keeping backlinks intact.

  • Medical Blog Posts: Regularly updated medical blogs are loved by the search engines, leading to better rankings for your health blog and website, and more visitors.

With social networking websites, like Facebook, it has become very easy for people to share recent news and interesting information with their friends. If you wish to attract new patients, it is crucial to create an environment that inspires readers to share your online medical articles, by regularly writing interesting content that is current, informative and useful.

Now, with StarEdits' online medical writing services, you can make sure your website has a regular flow of high-quality medical content that keeps your readers captivated. We provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly English articles for medical blogs, as well as medical articles for directory submissions, and medical newsletters.

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